Discover Jordan by Bike

Cycling Jordan is the leading provider of cycling tours and cycling equipment in Jordan. Discover Jordan with us in a way like not other, by bike. Embark on a journey where you experience Jordan’s nature, people and culture. We take you on a unique journey across the Kingdom.

The team at Cycling Jordan provides an enjoyable cycling experience to visitors and locals alike.
We are proud to offer adventurous cycling tours across Jordan and raising awareness about cycling among Jordanians. Cycling trips cater to cyclists of all levels, from beginners to advanced cyclists to professionals. We have organized cycling races, established the first single track Mountain Bike loop and have been involved in the creation of the Jordan Bike Trail.

We operate a bike shop in Amman and an online Cycling Shop. In our Bike Store we offer a large selection of new bikes and accessories around bicycles. You can find popular bike brands, cycling equipment and we also offer bike repairs.
Feel free to discover our Cycling Trips, browse our Destinations and learn more About us. Welcome to Jordan!

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