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In the north we cycle through olive groves and mountain villages while we cycle further south through a spectacular desert landscape - pure nature!We will visit the famous rock city of Petra (UNESCO World Heritage Site), let ourselves drift in the Dead Sea and enjoy the unique starry sky in the desert in Wadi Rum. Our exciting journey ends at the Red Sea, Here is time to relax!
The 7 bike tours with a length of 35km to 45km mainly run on asphalted, well-developed roads. Some sections have potholes or lead over gravel, where increased attention is required when cycling. Some of the routes require a good level of fitness due to some gradients and longer descents.
 In the desert of Wadi Rum we cycle on firm sandy paths. Our support vehicle is always nearby.


Day 1

Welcome to Jordan

Arrival in Amman and transfer to the hotel in Amman.

Day 2

Bike Umm Qais

We take the bus to Umm Qais, the old Gadara. When the weather is clear, we can look from here to Mount Hermon and the Sea of ​​Galilee. Our first bike tour around Umm Qais starts here. The bus takes us back to Amman. Bus transfers.(34.9km) The first 7km with the view of Golan heights and sea of galileo with an easy flat route we call it testing bike, then we start descending for 8 km on the road with some switchback curves that need your attention. The route will pass next to the Jordan borders, therefore, you always need to keep a copy of your passport available for the checkpoints, passing through Orange, lemon and banana farms next to Yarmouk river, amazing landscape then we finish at the natural sinkhole of Berket al Arayess.(34.9km)

Day 3

Bike Iraq Al Ameer

The day starts with a city tour of the capital of Jordan. From the citadel hill we have a beautiful view of Amman. We visit the Citadel and the Roman Theater, the most imposing Roman monument in the city. Today's bike tour to Iraq Al-Amir (Prince's Cave) in the Jordan Valley begins in the west of the city. We visit the partly dilapidated former palace Qasr El-Abd, which was destroyed by an earthquake. Mostly downhill we cycle to the Kafrain dam and on to the Dead Sea. At 423 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea is the deepest lake in the world. Since the salinity is about ten times higher than in the Mediterranean, you can float on the water surface without sinking. We will of course try this out today or the next morning. Bus transfers The route will start at dabouq near the king Hussain bin Tallal mosque/passing through bader and iraq al ameer village to Al Abed castle. After a two major uphills we will start the off road until the finish at Al Kafrein Water Dam.(35.5km)

Day 4

Bike Nebo to Mukawir Castle

Today we drive to the historic Mount Nebo, from where Moses is said to have seen the Holy Land for the first time. Then we get on our bikes and enjoy the magnificent view of the surroundings and the Dead Sea on our bike tour. The route will start from Mount Nebo approximately 710 meters above sea level and will take you through the countryside roads which are visited by tourists, crossing Fayhaa, Ma’en, and Mukawer villages where you might meet some local families. The route leads through a panoramic road where the stunning views of the Deadsea will take your breath, with a rolling up and down hills roads that will challenge you and reward you all the way towards Mukawir Castle, (Machaerus) which is a fortified hilltop palace. According to Flavius Josephus, it is the location of the imprisonment and execution of John the Baptist.(46.2km)

Day 5

Bike Shobak Castle to Little Petra

In the morning the bus takes us to Shobak. Here we swing on the saddles. The bike tour takes us to Al Baidah, which is also called "Little Petra". The city was once a thriving trading center and supply point for caravans. A short hike at the gates of the city brings us to a breathtaking view. In Al Baidah we visit one of the oldest settlements in the country, which welcomes us with fascinating old temples, cisterns and frescoes from the Neolithic era. Transfer to Petra by bus(38.4km)

Day 6

Discover Petra

Today, the detailed tour of the red rock city of Petra (UNESCO World Heritage Site) is on the program. The capital of the former Nabataean Empire is surrounded by bizarre rock formations and hides monumental remains of a 2,000-year-old culture. On a wonderful 12 km circular hike we open up to Petra and get an overview of this wonder of the world. We can expect an overwhelming view of the meter-high treasure house, graves carved out of sandstone and sacrificial sites and temples built at a steep height. We enter the city through the Siq, a steep cliff just a few meters wide. After we have seen the most important sights, there is still some time to explore the city by your own.

Day 7

Bike Petra to Wadi Rum

Start Al-Rajef village with the special panoramic view of petra and Iron Tomb mountains, It is situated at an altitude of approximately 1,600m above sea level, making it one of the major wind paths near the Jordan rift valley in the Ma’an Governorate on the Sharah highlands, located south of Amman. Finish at Mr. Abu Sabbah Beduin tent in Humaimeh al Abbassiah region which is known for being the stronghold of the Abbasid movement and as a starting point for their state. Where the Abbasid Mosque remains to this day as a clear milestone of that era. with some major off-road downhill sections. The route will start from Al-Rajef village, after taking the bus up to the panoramic view of petra mountains, we ride off-road through the mountains, crossing Dlagha Village .to one of the still organic bedouins areas Humaimeh Abbassiah where we will meet Abu Sabbah the most famous guy who has developed a mix of beduin experiences activities for tourists at his camp enjoying a sip of tea and a great local cooked meal. after that we transfer to Wadi Rum by bus.(43.8km)

Day 8

Bike Wadi Rum

At the last day of our cycling tour we explore the extensive desert of Wadi Rum, which is criss-crossed by sandstone canyons and untouched dunes. We also drive off the big roads directly on the solid desert sand - a real highlight! The dreamlike desert landscape will surely fascinate us just as Lawrence of Arabia once did. The route will start from Wadi Rum village, after the visitor center will take you 3 km off-road through the mountains, crossing to Al Disi. at Al Disi we are going through the flat mud (moon floor) and finish the ride at a local camp for a sip of tea! then transfer to Aqaba by bus (25.4km)

Day 9

Relaxation Aqaba

In Aqaba, Jordan's only port city, we end the trip comfortably. We have the opportunity to make the last purchases in the old town and bathe in a beach club in the Red Sea

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