Join a Group

Looking for a unique Cycling/Mountain biking adventure in Jordan? You’ve come to the right place! Have a scroll through the wide variety of Multiday tours below, check all the information you need, and choose the one you like the most.

Explore with a Group

Travelling with company is always better! So explore Jordan in small groups with other cyclists through one of our organised tours. Explore Jordan over beautiful trails with good company and excellent support. Breath-taking views that leave you eager to explore more assured!


Other Rides

The options are limitless! For young and old, experienced and not experienced, longer or single-day rides. The choice is yours. Check the section below for more options.

Custom-Made Tours

Travel exactly the way you want it! Just don’t sweat the details.

Our team includes well-prepared and experienced tour designers that will help you organize your dream travel. In contact with you, we will work on all the specifics to ensure your trip runs as smoothly as honey. You will have an unforgettable experience guaranteed.

Custom tours include:
-Customisable itinerary, accommodation, experiences, and more
– An intimate private group just for your friends and family
– The dates that suit your travel the best

A Day Tour

Make the most of your vacation in Jordan and ride the most scenic routes.

Go on a pure cycling/mountain biking adventure, ride with your friends and family over magnificent tracks, explore Jordan by bike, visit historical sites, connect with locals and see some of the most beautiful views.


Drop us a message with any question that arises. We respond faster than the speed of your fastest ride.