Tambi Trail for Mountain Biking

The first mountain biking single track in Jordan was built in 2013 by a group of committed and passionate volunteers. The trail span is 3,5km, located in the northern part of Amman National Park, and has various training-level features. 

Volunteers marked the trail on GPS, opened and cleaned the way, removed dangerous objects, and built several trail features. It set the scene for mountain biking in Jordan! Since then, we have introduced locals to mountain biking through classes, training sessions, and courses to build up their bike skills. In addition, we established a local community around the train to protect the forest and to keep the trail safe and clean for riding. Find More…

The100 Cycling challenge​

THE100 Cycling Challenge attracts cyclists from all levels, ages, and nationalities. Initially launched in January 2015, the challenge aims to encourage the growth of cycling, promote healthy lifestyle choices, support local tourism, and give back to the local community. Cyclists are challenged on a 100 km path through one of the world’s most spiritual and archaeologically rich locations! It kicks off from the spiritual 2000-year-old Baptism Site of Jesus Christ, rides southwards along the Dead Sea coast, and ends at the Museum at the Lowest Place in Ghor Al Safi, right next to Prophet Lot’s Cave site.

This cycling tour is unique in bringing together sports, tourism, and charity in one event. The race is open to all people interested in cycling, outdoor activities, and giving back to the community regardless of level, gender, or age.

THE100 Cycling Challenge was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, organized by BOOST and Cycling Jordan. Find More…

Arabian Epic

The 4-day Cross Country Marathon (XCM) Stage Race is a cultural and historical journey through time that cannot be experienced anywhere else on earth. The biblical terrain, change in climate from one stage to the next, and the historical sites along the route make this one of the most unique races on earth.

The event organized by Arabian Epic is an individual race that goes over jeep tracks, through old villages, includes challenging climbs, and gifts breathtaking sceneries.

The Arabian Epic Team went the extra mile to find the routes that challenge every rider in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The ride of approximately 200km, including over 5,000m of climbing, offers each participant an adventure through time and self-discovery. The 4-day Cross Country Marathon (XCM) Stage Race is a significant endurance test! Find More…

Cycling Academy

Riding the bike is one of the most fun memories a child can create. So, to get kids onto two wheels and ride safely and confidently, we have developed various cycling skills courses. The Cycling Academy is a fun and professional way for non-pedaling passengers to independent riders to inaugurate their cycling skills.

Our experienced coaches make cycling fun while they create opportunities for more people to ride. How? By providing a safe and caring environment in which anyone can develop and practice a wide range of cycling skills for recreation, fitness, fun, or just getting to ride a bike anywhere safely and confidently.

The courses are accessible to youth throughout Jordan, bridging societal gaps and strengthening the sports culture among Jordanian youth. The main goal; is to increase the number of cyclists in Jordan. Find More…