When Sari Husseini was studying at university, he struggled with public transportation. After regularly showing up late for classes, being unable to afford to buy a car or ride a taxi daily and being restricted by the taxi driver’s demands on whom to pick up and where to go, the idea arose to fix his old bike and use that instead.

Using the bicycle made a tremendous difference. A journey that previously cost too much money and took over an hour was now around 7 minutes. Sari got used to the travel and started using the bike for all his trips, not just the ones to university. He started riding all over Amman, to Madaba and Irbid and expanded to all parts of Jordan. Addicted to exploring the country on two wheels, it did not take long before his friends were convinced and joined him along the way.

Cycling has changed my life and introduced me to new people, cultures, and new places.

Since then, Sari has invested his time and efforts in spreading the bike culture in Jordan, as transportation and for exploration. In 2007, together with his friends, they started providing tours in and around the country to people interested in riding bicycles. They decided to call themselves Cycling in Jordan, just to find out the bike shop Cycling Jordan was already founded a year earlier. Needless to say, it was the beginning of a partnership and extension of the bike shop.

“I have started this journey with my vision to make a difference and create a friendly cycling culture in Jordan and Amman in particular”.

It has not been easy as the Jordanian society mainly responded with fear. The hilly nature of the country and the heavy traffic discourages many. Nevertheless, the results of all the joint efforts of Sari and his friends are there! More people are riding their bikes, more people welcome the bike culture, and more cycling tracks are established; including the promises of the Ministry of Transportation to make a bike lane in some areas.

Quotes by Sari Husseini, Co-Founder & Owner of Cycling Jordan


Cycling Jordan Through The Years